Working With Us


J.D. Irving, Limited Woodlands believes in continual learning and development as an important part of our everyday business. All employees can continue to grow with Woodlands, through both on-the-job experiences and structured training. Whether you are just beginning your working life, or if you are a more experienced employee, we provide individual flexibility for skill development, technical training and leadership development. We hire over 150 students every summer in roles ranging from Tree Planting to junior engineers and many of those students come to work for J.D. Irving, Limited fulltime after graduation. All of our People Leaders participate in the J.D. Irving, Limited Leadership Fundamentals program; an eight month learning experience that provides a strong foundation in leading others. Many of our employees are also provided the opportunity to attend Executive Development Programs which are offered through our partner, the Ivey School of Business at Western University.  

We believe that strong communication with our employees about J.D. Irving, Limited Woodlands business objectives is an important part of keeping our employees “in-the-know” and aligned to what we’re working to achieve. Each employee understands how their role contributes to the Woodlands results. Progress against our plans is reviewed with employees on an ongoing basis.   

Working with J.D. Irving, Limited Woodlands means we have the privilege of spending time in beautiful natural surroundings. We are proud to call our forests “Our Office”.


Questions about our Healthy Forest Approach? Read the FAQ.